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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Card for Oliver

I always keep the cards that I make for our children. I intend to scrap them someday. This means added pressure to make something they'll like (and that I will still be happy with in years to come!) and not just give in and buy something from Tesco's! For Oliver's 7th birthday card this summer, I decided that he might like one of my manga-inspired robots. I added a piece of chain from a keyring, a press stud, a cog and part of an old McDonalds toy to add to the futuristic effect! I've been known to use can ring-pulls, old earrings, clothing tag barcodes and electronics components before now on this type of card. I'm nothing if not resourceful...


Charmayne said...

If you are wondering why the perspective looks a little odd, it is because the robot is mounted on an acetate cover to the card, with the patterned paper inside showing through behind. So now you know!

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