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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nearly there!

Having changed my images from Picasa over to Photobucket, the majority of my new template seems to be working now, except for the background! I have tried editing the HTML, but don't know enough to get it to look right. If I take out a space in the code, I can get it to appear, but not with the posts or the header in the centre. Instead, they float randomly over the background.

I've given up for today as I am going cross-eyed from looking at code. For now, I have reverted to the designer's original code without my edits so that the background isn't visible, otherwise you, dear visitor, will be going cross-eyed too.

I think the Picasa issue was that the URL for my images was secure, which I couldn't seem to change. I changed the privileges and the security (who can viewe,link etc), but nothing seemed to work. Photobucket images are not via secure URL, so the problem was easier to overcome.

Now, I just need the blinkie images and the design credit images to work..... A gal's gotta have something to look forward to on a rainy day!


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